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Black August

In March, I found myself in IAD airport with plans to travel to the Motherland. Instead, I handed in my boarding pass, cancelled my flight, and went back home to see what would happen next. Since then, I’ve been grounded - physically and emotionally. Travel isn’t just my career, it's my lifestyle, and my happy place. And with a pandemic standing between me and the very things I loved amplified by the racial climate, I was at a loss about how to feel and what to do. As a result, I experienced bouts of depression and anxiety. 

While in isolation, many of my thoughts pushed me to travel, but many fears of Covid19 held me captive. One social media post would inspire me to pack my bags and the next would have me in tears, paralyzed so much that for a while, I would not even go outside. The posts that truly had me shook were about the plight of Black people, Black culture, and Black lives in danger. Because so much of my travel inspiration is so deeply intertwined with those same Black realities, it felt like there was nowhere to run.

But life has taught me that running towards your joy is very different than running away from your pain.
So last week, I grabbed my disinfectant wipes, packed my bags, filled up my tank, and decided to hit the road for a multi-state tour. Read more

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